Greetings from the Executive Committee of HAPA

As 2013 is coming to a close we wish you & your family a HEALTHY & ENJOYABLE Holiday.

We also wish to invite you to the 2014 15th HAPA Annual meeting in NYC in connection with the APA Annual meeting and ask for your support by renewing your membership or by becoming a new member.

The 14th HAPA Annual meeting in San Francisco was a great success. The presentations were outstanding.

The first presentation was by Professor Cassimatis, President and CEO of ECFMG & Chair of the Board of FAIMER. His talk was timely and instructive. His message was that the US is still setting the standards for medical education & care for the world medical community. Presently here in the US, the crisis in health care is also a challenge for us to live up to our own standards. The hope is that the US leadership in education and research based medical care will continue.

The second presentation was by Iannis Zervas, MD Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Athens University School of Medicine. His presentation was very impressive. He detailed the results of 10 years work in addressing the mental health needs of women at the Eginition Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital in Athens, Greece. The level of research and care in his clinic was very high, effective and quite impressive. Hopefully his example will be implemented in all of Greece as the country’s economic troubles are resolved. You can see both of these presentations at our website:

For over 15 years, HAPA has been providing a forum where the academic, clinical & research work by Hellenic psychiatrists from the US, Greece and the Hellenic Diaspora can be shared and featured. Our meetings are educational, inspirational and promote networking. Presently, HAPA is considering the establishment of the HAPA Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award that will recognize outstanding achievements by psychiatric trainees of Greek origin from the US, Greece or the Diaspora during their training in any of the many accredited programs here in the USA. The HAPA Award will recognize exceptional work in any of the following areas: patient care, research, teaching and education or community involvement. Such an award will further HAPA’s mission of linking Hellenic psychiatrists of the US with those from Greece and the Diaspora. HAPA is also in the process of establishing the HAPA Foundation to raise much needed funding in support of its mission and is considering several other projects such as offering scholarships for medical education and postgraduate medical training as well as for the development of special programs in partnership with Greek communities to address mental health needs.

NONE of these goals can be achieved without YOU.HAPA needs YOU to grow. HAPA’s work has always been carried out by members of the Executive Committee on a volunteer basis with NO paid staff. There has been no fee increase since the founding of HAPA. HAPA is fully dues dependent for its existence. Pay your HAPA membership dues for 2014 on the HAPA website:

(General Members $52.00, and Members-in-Training $27.00). We need you to renew. If not already a member, you can apply on the website by filling out the application & paying your dues.

Join us on Tuesday May 6th 2014 for the 15th HAPA Annual meeting in NYC. The HAPA meetings are also opportunities for good old Greek kefi and good food at a local restaurant, (Dutch treat) at the conclusion our business and educational parts of the program.
Join HAPA and become part of the growth of the only Hellenic psychiatric professional organization in the APA and the US. Contribute to HAPA and help us materialize our vision of HAPA as a link for the psychiatric community and as a resource for Hellenic communities in the US, Greece and Diaspora. YES together we can make a difference.

See you on May 6th in NYC,

Katina Matthews-Ferrari, MD, HAPA President 2011-2014
Maria T. Lymberis, MD, HAPA Founder & Past President