The HAPA Executive committee invites you to join us and become a HAPA member. Greek, American & Canadian psychiatrists need a home in the APA. The Hellenic American Psychiatric Association (HAPA) is the only Hellenic Psychiatric organization in the APA.

HAPA promotes communication among psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who are linked through common values, cultural heritage and shared scientific professional interests. The annual HAPA meetings feature the scholarly, scientific and clinical work of Greek psychiatrists from the US, Greece and the Greek Diaspora. HAPA meets on Tuesday at 6:00pm during the APA annual meeting.

The elected HAPA officers serve on a volunteer basis with NO paid staff for 3 years. The executive committee of HAPA meets monthly via teleconference. Currently, HAPA is in the process of establishing a foundation to fulfill its mission and advance its scientific and professional goals including the possibility of funding a post graduate fellowship to aspiring recent Greek or US graduate psychiatrists who wish to further their professional development in special areas either in US or Greece.

Join HAPA and attend this year’s 17th HAPA Annual meeting on May 17th 2016.As always the business meeting is followed by the scientific presentation. This year the presentation is by one of HAPA’s founding members, the highly esteemed and internationally known expert in Geriatric Psychiatry George S Alexopoulos, MD. Traditionally, the evening wraps up with a Dutch treat dinner at a gourmet restaurant, with local flavors. The HAPA annual meetings and dinners are exciting opportunities to see good friends, network, discover new friends and share cultural and professional experiences. Become part of the growth of this unique Hellenic organization that unites psychiatrists and members of the Mental Health Professional Community in our global world.

Join and/or renew your HAPA membership NOW by paying your HAPA dues thru the HAPA website.

General Member Dues $52.00

Members-in-Training Dues:$27.00

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HAPA Treasurer Katina Mathews-Ferrari,MD
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With Warm Wishes for a HEALTHY & PEACEFUL 2016

Maria T. Lymberis, MD

HAPA Founder 1999
HAPA President 2014-2017

Katina Matthews-Ferrari, MD

HAPA Immediate Past President 2011-2014
HAPA Treasurer.2014-2017