Dear HAPA members & friends of HAPA

The HAPA executive committee invites you to join us for our 13th HAPA ANNUAL meeting in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday, May 8th 2012 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM, location to be announced.

HAPA is fortunate to offer a very special presentation

Physicians Caring for Physicians:

Professionalism Among Us

Philip J. Candilis, MD, DFAPA

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Law & Psychiatry Program

Universsity of Massachusetts Medical School


As you know, on May 19th 2009 HAPA celebrated its 10th Anniversary. HAPA was founded in May 1999. That was the end of the 20th century during the waning days of the “Glory & Power” of both the US and the APA. HAPA is an APA affiliate organization. Our mission is to foster close communication & networking among psychiatrists in the US, Greece and in the Greek Diaspora.

During its first 10 years, HAPA has achieved a number of goals:
1) HAPA has made possible post residency graduate fellowship training at major US medical centers for two young Greek psychiatrists Styliani Kaliora, MD, a fellow in NYC under George Petrides, MD and Antonis Politis, MD,  a fellow under Constantine Lyketsos, MD in Baltimore.
2) HAPA set up the website:

3) HAPA published a Newsletter. Fiscal limitations stopped the publication of the HAPA Newsletter after the first five years,
4) HAPA has been organizing yearly annual meetings on the Tuesday of the APA Annual meeting. 10 out of our 11 HAPA Annual meetings featured both established and emerging researchers and clinicians of Greek origin or from Greece & the Greek Diaspora,
5) HAPA participated as a cosponsor in the

Hellenic Psychiatric Association Congress meetings in Greece and in the various meetings of the Pan-Hellenic General Hospital Psychiatric Society in Greece and in The Four Seasons of Psychiatry ( of the International Society of Quality of Life and Medical Practice. In addition, members of HAPA have published papers in the English version of the Hellenic General Hospital Psychiatry Journal

In the 2010 Decade, facing the new realities of globalization, multiculturalism and economic crisis, HAPA as a very small nonprofit membership organization, that is totally dues-dependent with no other income, moved all communications to the internet and our website. HAPA has never had any paid staff. HAPA has always functioned through the volunteer work of its executive officers. Our dues have stayed at $52.00 per year for full members and $27.00 for members in training (MIT). HAPA needs you to continue its work. Mail in your dues or a contribution directly to our HAPA Treasurer:
George Fouras, MD

Starting with the 2010 HAPA Annual meeting, the time of the HAPA Annual meeting changed to 6:00-8:00PM followed by an informally organized after-meeting, Dutch Treat Dinner, at a local restaurant for all who pre-register. This format has worked well.  The Minutes of that as well as of all past HAPA Annual Meetings are on our website.
We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia, PA.
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Register for the 13th HAPA Annual Meeting and join our after meeting dinner, please email: or fax: 310-310-2620.
Visit our website <> . 
With Best Wishes for a Healthy & Productive 2012, Katina Matthews-Ferrari, MD, HAPA President
Maria T. Lymberis, MD, HAPA Founder & Past President.”