Greetings for 2015 from the Executive Committee of HAPA

As we are welcoming the NEW YEAR, we at HAPA are wishing you & your family a HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS 2015.

We also wish to invite you to the 2015 16th HAPA Annual Meeting in Toronto Canada in connection with the APA Annual meeting and ask for your support by renewing your membership or by becoming a new member by visiting our HAPA website:

Join us on Tuesday May 19th 2015 for the 16th HAPA Annual meeting in Toronto, Canada. This year’s HAPA presentation is featuring Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Toronto University Aristotle Voineskos, MD, a rising star Canadian Psychiatric researcher, see attached HAPA announcement. The HAPA meetings are also opportunities for good old Greek kefi and food at a local restaurant, (Dutch treat) at the conclusion our business and educational parts of the program.

The 2014 15th HAPA Annual meeting in NYC was a major success with a number of new members joining us, an outstanding presentation by our very own Past HAPA President, Professor Georgios Petrides on the Brain Stimulation and a very special dinner at a Greek restaurant. You can see pictures of our 2014 meeting on the HAPA website.

For over 16 years, HAPA has been providing a forum where the academic, clinical and research work by Hellenic psychiatrists from the US, Greece and the Hellenic Diaspora can be shared and featured. Our meetings are educational, inspirational and promote networking. All of this and more can only be accomplished with YOU joining us. We need you to help us complete work now in progress, which includes establishing the HAPA Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award and the HAPA Foundation.

We live in a globalized world community. Your participation is essential to keep HAPA growing and fulfilling vitally needed functions for the Hellenic community both here, in Greece and globally. HAPA aims to mobilize the hidden power of the Hellenic community, known to be low keyed and publicity avoidant. The goal is to advance HAPA’s mission of linking Hellenic psychiatrists of the US with those from Greece and the Diaspora..

HAPA is fully dues dependent for its existence. The Executive Committee members, on a volunteer basis with NO paid staff, do all the work. Membership fees are the same since our founding. Pay your HAPA membership dues for 2015 on the HAPA website, (General Members $52.00, and Members-in-Training $27.00). We need you to renew. If not already a member, you can apply on the website by filling out the application & paying your dues.

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Join HAPA and become part of the growth of the only Hellenic psychiatric professional organization in the APA and the US. Contribute to HAPA and help us materialize our vision of HAPA as a link for the psychiatric community and as a resource for Hellenic communities in the US, Greece and Diaspora. YES together we can make a difference.

See you on Tuesday May 19th 2015 in Toronto, Canada at the HAPA meeting.

Maria T. Lymberis, MD, HAPA Founder & President
Philip Candilis MD, HAPA President Elect