HPA Hellenic Psychiatric Association Celebrates 15th Anniversary

December 12, 2000, Athens, Greece


The Hellenic Psychiatric Association (HPA) celebrated its 15th Anniversary on December 12, 2000 at the Aula of the University of Athens. The President of the Association, Professor George Christodoulou, introduced Professor George Babiniotis, the Rector of Athens University, Professor Christina Spiraki, the Minister of Health, the representative of Archbishop Christodoulos, the representative of the Major of Athens and Professor Juan Enrique Mezzich, the Secretary General of the World Psychiatric Association.

All speakers underlined the contribution of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association to the promotion of mental health in Greece and emphasized the Association’s achievements with reference to postgraduate psychiatric education, organizing Panhellenic Psychiatric Congresses every two years, de-institutionalization of chronic psychiatric patients, consultation and advice to the Ministry of Health, publication of the journal, Psychiatriki, and various bulletins and informative leaflets for the public and representation of Greek Psychiatry to various international psychiatric organizations.

Among the issues discussed during the meeting by the president of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association, Professor Christodoulou, were the work of the two main peripheral branches in Athens and Thessaloniki and of the five Sections of the Association (Biological Psychiatry, Psychophysiology, Child Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Social Psychiatry). Also discussed was the international relationships of the Association with various psychiatric associations. He specifically noted the relationships of the HPA with the World Psychiatric Association, the European Board on Psychiatry and the Hellenic American Psychiatric Association.

Professor Christodoulou also delivered honorary diplomas of distinction to members of the Association who had contributed greatly to the work of the Association: Professor G. Lyketsos; Professor E. Dimitriou; Professor A. Paraschos; Dr. D. Malliaras; Dr. J. Pittaras; Dr. N. Zachariadis; and Dr. Chi.
Varouchakis. Professor M. Markidis, Editor of Psychiatriki, which is the official Journal of the Association, reviewed the achievements of the Journal during its first ten years of publication. Professor V. Kontaxikis, the Deputy Editor of the Journal, announced that the editorial board of the Journal had honored Professor Christodoulou’s contributions by awarding him with the title of Honorary Editor of the Journal. Finally, as part of this special anniversary day, the new offices of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association were inaugurated at Papadiamantopoulou Str. 11, 11528 Athens.

The celebration was very well attended. – there were no
empty seats. The meeting ended with a moving performance by the Athens University Chorus, conducted by A. Vassilakis.

Respectfully submitted,

George Christodoulou, MD